MAXProfessional GS Series
Stamped steel frame, Low mass diaphragm & voice coil, hi efficiency.

MAXProfessional GC Series
Cast frame, Hybrid ceramic & neodymium motor, Low mass diaphragm, Very hi SPL.

MAXProfessional Sound Reinforcement Drivers.


MAXProfessional features:
*Under-cut pole-pieces. This ensures low distortion because of a linear magnetic field and induction.


*Cast aluminum basket with "under spider" basket vents lowers distortion and power compression while raising power capacity.


*Black oxide treatment to magnet plates. Best rust prevention with best heat transfer.



MAXProfessional specifications


MAXProfessional GS/GC


MAXProfessional TS


MAXProfessional PR65 NEO


MAXProfessional PR1066


MAXProfessional PR1266


MAXProfessional PR1566


MAXProfessional PR18125


Absolute Quality Sound Excellence.




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